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Spending time in front of a VDU screen (laptop, tablet, desktop or smartphone) is now commonplace for most of us. Increasingly, VDU users have become far more symptomatic e.g. brow ache, headaches, sore eyes and general fatigue.

General causes include:

  • Insufficient rest periods.
  • Incorrect positioning of screen / documents.
  • Unsuitable lighting.
  • Poorly designed work area.
  • Uncorrected eyesight – short / long sightedness / astigmatism (rugby ball shaped eyes).
  • Ocular muscle imbalance.

As an employer what are our responsibilities?

Under the 1992 Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) regulations, employers have a legal obligation to provide an eye examination to ensure comfortable vision in the workplace. Ultimately, improving the productivity of staff. An eye examination will indicate the need for glasses (if required) and provide advice according to the College of Optometrists guidelines.

An employer must provide a VDU user with:

  1. Regular eye examinations as advised.
  2. Eye examinations if the user is experiencing visual problems at the VDU.
  3. Adequate breaks.
  4. Basic glasses if required solely for a VDU.
  5. Adequate Health & Safety training and assessments.

HD Business… the solution

  1. Full sights tests £15 – usually £25.
  2. VDU glasses £35.
  3. Zeiss anti scratch coated lenses as standard.
  4. Lenses to any single vision prescription.
  5. Lenses may be customised by employee.*
  6. Access to all our fabulous selection of frames & not just the ‘basic’ range.

* Any upgrades lens/ frame will be paid by the employee. The employer’s liability will be limited to £35 for a standard 1.5 single vision lens & frame combination.
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