Eye tests are often neglected, it is important that people get their eyes tested regularly. This is especially necessary when people are driving in autumn and winter, when it gets darker earlier in the day. Often people do not realise how much they are struggling to see properly until they start driving in the dark. The effect of low light means focusing is sometimes more difficult so it is important that glasses or contact lenses are worn if needed.

It is also important to have an up-to-date prescription because eyes will change over time. Unfortunately with the reduction in light at this time of year, patients in their forties often begin to struggle with reading. The classic symptoms include headaches, pushing reading material further back or looking for the nearest light source to illuminate newspapers and books.

The reflections from car headlights and street lamps can also cause problems and so as well as having a clean windscreen, glasses should be scratch-free.

If you have any concerns about your eyesight then just drop-in or call to book an appointment and we can give you a full examination to ensure you have no problems. If you need glasses then we have an extensive range from which you can choose from.