We hope to convince you otherwise……

Have you ever wanted your reading specs but can only find your driving specs?

Wouldn’t life be easier if you could see everything with just one pair of glasses?

For convenience a varifocal lens is the best answer, but often people are put off by scary stories surrounding this lens. However, a varifocal is an excellent all round, all purpose lens and need not be scary at all!!

What is a varifocal and what can it do for me?

The lens works with the natural movement of the eyes, allowing you to see long, middle and short distances all in one lens. At the top of the lens you have clear distance vision then the lens gets progressively stronger towards the bottom. This enables the wearer to see their computer clearly and read without the need for separate pairs of spectacles for each task. It makes for a very convenient choice especially with our busy lives!!

Back to the scary bit and I’m sure we have all heard stories of people who tried them and say, “never again”! Often the problems with these types of lenses are due to poor fitting, unsuitable frame or even expectations of the wearer. One of the common complaints is swim or distortion which can make the wearer feel quite ill.

So how do we overcome these problems?

  • Problems with vision – a lens that has not been correctly measured can leave the wearer with a too shallow reading area. With a professional fitting we can ensure that the lens is centred in front of the pupil and follows its natural line thus ensuring a suitable amount of each range of vision.
  • Problems with range of vision – we offer a lens specifically designed for office use which allows clear computer and reading vision without the need for a full varifocal lens.
  • Problems with adaptation – when the lenses are ordered they are tailor made to both your prescription and the position of your eye in relation to the lens.
  • Swim or distortion – newer designs of varifocals combat these problems by having a wider central portion of the lens which is distortion free and a gentler progression through the lens allowing easier adaptation.

At HD Eyes we are confident that we have a varifocal to suit your lifestyle and needs. On collection the lens and its optimum use will be explained and you will be able to test out the full range of clear vision you now have.

While most people adapt quickly it can take some people a little longer to get the hang of the lenses but once they do they never want to go back to multiple pairs!!

However, in the unlikely event you cannot adapt we are quite happy to exchange for an alternative option as we guarantee your full satisfaction.

See you soon!

P.S. Marmite is disgusting!!!!